The preparatory committee

The Preparatory Committee is composed of all the Signatory States to the Unified Patent Court Agreement (16351/12) (see also Regulations 1257/2012 and 1260/2012). All these states undertook to establish the new court and the Preparatory Committee's function is to oversee the various work streams. There are five major work streams which will constitute the work which needs to be completed. These are:

  • Legal framework
  • Financial aspects
  • IT
  • Facilities, and
  • Human resources & Training

The Preparatory Committee will exist until the Court is established. Currently this is expected to last two years and during this time it will have its own Rules by which it is governed. Its work programme is set out in a Roadmap. Its external communication plan outlines how it will update users and stakeholders, by what means and the type of documents that will appear on this website.

The Committee has endorsed the brochure titled 'An Enhanced European Patent System' which provides a useful overview.