12th meeting of the Preparatory Committee – 19 October 2015

The permanent representation of Sweden hosted the 12th preparatory committee.

Signatory States adopted the Rules of Procedure, subject to any future amendments on the court fees. The text agreed at the meeting on 19 October will be released shortly and published on this website. The Committee praised the work of the Legal working group and Drafting Committee for their time and commitment on the Rules which has yielded an excellent result.

The Committee also had further discussions on the Protocol on Privilege & Immunities and the Rules on Mediation and Arbitration.

In response to the signing ceremony held in Luxembourg last month, members turned their mind to the intense project plan that is required to meet their mid-2016 commitment of the work of the Committee being finished (this will allow the court to be operational at the start of 2017). This plan will be posted on the website in the next few weeks.

In other news the current chairman Paul van Beukering announced that he would be stepping down. This is for personal reasons and the Committee agreed that the vice chair, Alexander Ramsay, should become acting chair until this was voted on by the committee at its December meeting, at which time the appointment of a vice chair would also be announced.

The committee's next meeting will take place in early December 2015.