Case Management System

A note from the IT Working Group Coordinator – Dario Pizzolante

After uninterrupted efforts for the setup of the UPC IT systems, the UPC IT team is pleased to announce a major milestone in the implementation of the Case Management System (CMS). As of August 2017 and until the opening of the Court, users will have access to the latest CMS version which has been tailored for the preparation of the Sunrise opening with an emphasis on interrelated opt-out functionalities. 

Using an iterative approach, the IT Working Group was given the opportunity to gather feedback from attorneys, lawyers and judges by means of more than 25 interactive workshops across Europe. As a result, the IT team proposed 39 different evolutions of the CMS in less than two years and at present, the system counts over 2000 registered users. 

Going forward, the IT team will initiate the integration tasks and related testing, and by extension, mark a shift from an interactive approach to a traditional project delivery method until completion of the setup of the CMS. This means the team will not make continuous changes to the system but there will be a platform of stability for the coming months.

Internal work to establish the UPC IT will continue until the opening of the Court; the CMS will be finalized for production release and the team will work on IT-interdependencies between the Working Groups of the Preparatory Committee. Work for the finalization of the CMS will include among others, the fine-tuning of the Rules of Procedure and the integration of the security and authentication mechanisms.

The IT Working Group is confident that key IT arrangements will be finalized by the start of the Sunrise period currently forecast for early 2018.