16th Preparatory Committee May 26 2016 – Report of meeting

The Committee continues on the path of organising meetings at or in the vicinity of the future seats/divisions of the UPC. The 16th Preparatory Committee took place in the Moot Court of the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and during the lunch break the delegates were given a guided tour of the local division of Hamburg. Some construction work is still ongoing to get everything ready but it is clear that the facilities in Hamburg are on schedule to be operational in September.

During the meeting the Committee dealt with the important issue of pensions, payroll and health care as well as the future corporate functions of the UPC. Jean Francois Poels from the International Service for Remunerations and Pensions (ISRP) presented the Committee with a state of play of the work the ISRP is performing together with the Committee in that area. Furthermore the business adviser of the Chair of the Committee, Chris Ackermann, presented the Committee with a suggestion how to cater for the support functions needed to deal with Human Resource and Accountancy issues.

The Co-ordinator of the Financial Working Group, Jean-Francois Magana reported on the progress of the work on the budget of the UPC with a specific focus on the contributions of Member States during the provisional application period and the first year of operation. It is clear that the work is well advanced and that Member States will have a good basis to prepare their first contributions to the budget of the Court.

The Committee agreed on a set of adaptations to the Rules of the Administrative, Advisory and Budget Committees to apply during the provisional application period and discussed corresponding adaptations also for the financial management of the court during this period of time. The purpose of these adaptations is to cater for the specific circumstances of the provisional application.

In the area of Human Resource the Committee had a discussion on a draft set of staff regulations including salaries, qualifications of staff and draft vacancy notices. Furthermore the training framework of the UPC was agreed which means that the Budapest training centre of the UPC now can proceed with the planning for training also for the first year of operation.

The coordinator of the IT working Group, Neil Feinson and the Vice-Chair, Louise Åkerblom presented the Committee with a joint progress report of the development of the IT system. Work is progressing well even though it is clear that the IT environment of the Court is an area that will need constant development and attention.

The 17th meeting of the Committee will be held in Stockholm on 30 June 2016.