18th Preparatory Committee – 10 October 2016

The 18th Preparatory Committee was held in Paris.

There are now eleven Member States who have ratified the Agreement with the latest addition being the Netherlands. In addition five Member States reported to be in a position to be able to ratify by January 2017. The Committee took the opportunity to discuss the road ahead given the uncertainty that has arisen following the referendum in the UK. A revised time plan will be published in due course.     

A number of minor amendments were agreed to the Rules of Procedure. A consolidated version of the Rules of Procedure will be published and available on this website shortly.

Dario Pizzolante from Luxemburg was elected the new coordinator of the IT Working Group and he presented a paper to the Committee on future work to finalise the IT system. This is important to ensure that the court has a fully-functioning IT system including the case management system, website and e-mail support. The next phase will also need to look at the more specific co-relationship with HR and finance support systems.

The Committee discussed proposals from the HR & Training Working Group on judicial and staff regulations, now with key input from the International Service for Remunerations and Pensions (ISRP) on regarding pensions and health insurance. A lot of work has been done and whilst there are a few outstanding technical issues to be resolved the Committee endorsed the proposals in general. The Chair hopes to conclude the work on these areas in the next month or two. An update on the judicial recruitment will be available next week.

A further meeting of the Committee will be scheduled for early December 2016.