Call for Information – UPC Case Management System integration requirements

The UPC case management system is the lifeblood of the court’s structure and its efficiency and reliability will be a key success factor. The UPC IT team setting up the case management system are keen to hear from business or service providers how you propose to integrate with the new Court’s system, or indeed what services you plan to provide your clients. For example, will you solely depend on API or also propose supporting services?

As an initial step the team would like to hear from those whose responsibility it is to make current systems compatible with the UPC case management system and you are kindly invited to email the UPC Secretariat by 20 August 2017 setting out your current thinking. 

Thereafter the team will assess the responses and publish the policy including categories of service and eligibility criteria (if any are needed).

The policy will be published after the 10 September 2017.