Chairman invites new Expert Panel to advise Preparatory Committee

The Chairman and his team attach great value to the involvement of practitioners and future users of the Unified Patent Court in its work. To this end it organises formal consultations and public hearings on key elements of its work, however, in preparing for proposals to be discussed in the Preparatory Committee, the Chairman has invited a small group of experts to provide advice on the various different work streams.

The new Expert Panel is set up on an informal basis and will advise the Chairman and his working group co-ordinators; in this role Expert Panel members will participate in their personal capacity.  Their work will not in any way affect or impede the structure that is already in place on formal consultations or the decision-making function of the Preparatory Committee itself.

Members of the Expert Panel


  • Kevin Mooney (UK)
  • Willem Hoyng (Netherlands)
  • Winfried Tilmann (Germany)
  • Pierre Véron (France)


  • Christopher Floyd (UK)
  • Colin Birss (UK)
  • Robin Jacob (UK)
  • Marina Tavassi, (Italy)
  • Klaus Grabinski (Germany)
  • Marie Courboulay (France)

Patent Attorneys:

  • Eugen Popp (Germany)
  • Christof Keussen, (Germany)
  • Patrice Vidon (France)

Business Representatives:

  • Tim Frain (UK)
  • Udo Meyer (Germany)