Final Preparatory Committee Signals State of Readiness – 15 March 2017

The UPC Preparatory Committee met in The Hague on 15 March 2017 for the last time before the next stage of the project would commence; the phase of provisional application.

The Committee agreed a final suite of legal, HR and financial documents as well as agreeing a state of readiness for provisional application. The start of the period of provisional application depends on a few more Signatory States acceding to the Protocol on Provisional Application. At the meeting the Committee was confident this would happen in order to enable the provisional application to start at the end of May 2017. The timing of this is crucial to allow a period of time for the Court to make necessary preparations before the planned entry into force in December 2017. The Committee was informed that a small, operational team is now working to oversee the recruitment of judges, testing of the IT and case management system and ensure resources are in place and trained in readiness for the Court opening. In addition the Committee agreed a few minor consequential amendments to the Rules of Procedure, the latest version will appear on this website shortly.

The start of the sunrise period for opt outs is scheduled to begin in September 2017 allowing approximately three months for business to make any adjustments to their IP strategies.

Separate communication on the recruitment procedure will be issued to those who have applied to become judges of the court.

The timetable of the entry into force is subject to change given the reliance on national governments to accede to the Protocol on Provisional Application however regular updates will appear on this website on progress.