A message from the Chairman, Alexander Ramsay – December 2019

With all things connected to setting up a new organization there are those hurdles you foresee and then there are those that you do not. The latter presents the greatest challenges and call for the greatest patience and resilience.

As 2019 draws to a close as Chair of the Preparatory Committee it allows me, along with my colleagues, time to reflect on what has been achieved and what the future holds.

By far the biggest exercise my team oversaw this year was the top-up recruitment campaign in the summer. I am confident that we have given equal opportunity to those who wish to be part of the UPC, a further occasion to present their qualifications and apply for a judicial position. Until we enter the provisional application phase we will not be contacting any candidates, but I thank them for their support and patience.

We have continued with our workshops involving participants from Signatory States. Building on those previously held in Luxembourg and Munich, earlier this year we held our third workshop in Milan and my team are preparing our fourth in The Netherlands in January 2020. These workshops are invaluable to bring together operational staff ensuring the foundations of training and awareness are in place.

Another area where a lot of effort has been expended is the case management system. I am proud of the team’s achievement of ensuring all major functionalities have now been implemented and the configuration for the sunrise period is ready. The team have also conducted an accessibility impact analysis of the system and over 80 modifications and improvements have been agreed. The team will now look to review and improve the UPC website.

Now to the future. I recently gave an interview to Juve [ - https://www.juve-patent.com/news-and-stories/people-and-business/the-upc... - ] about my forecast for 2020 and beyond. I will continue to work toward a solution and I know I have the best possible team to help me do that.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the much wider stakeholder community who follow the Unified Patent Court and its progress. It has been a long road, one with many speed ramps, nonetheless I am confident that when the time is right we can progress with necessary speed.

Wishing all our followers a great festive break and time spent recharging the batteries.