Report of the 15th Preparatory Committee meeting

The Committee met in Luxembourg on 14 April 2016, it was a great opportunity for committee members to be able to view the UPC Court of Appeal building at Nouvel Hémicycle, 1, rue du Fort Thüngen.

A milestone was reached by the committee when the recruitment package was agreed. This now means the adverts for judicial appointments can be advertised in May. The exact date of the launch is to be agreed but for those interested it is expected the recruitment process will begin in early May.

The Committee also discussed a draft Code of Conduct for practitioners developed by EPLAW, EPLIT, and the epi. The draft Code of Conduct is expected to be agreed at the next meeting of the Committee at the end of May. A signing ceremony on the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities will take place at the end of June, this will be important for a number of Signatory States for their ratification process. The Chairman was pleased to hear that Bulgaria is in a position to ratify the UPCA by the end of April. This will bring the total number of ratifications to 10.

The Rules on Arbitration and the Rules of Operation of the Patent Mediation and Arbitration Centre of the Unified Patent Court were discussed. The organisational rules will be subject to some further amendments while the Rules on Arbitration were agreed by the Committee. The Rules on Arbitration will be published at a later point in time.

The next meeting will be held in Germany on 26 May.