Sixth meeting of the Preparatory Committee 8 July 2014

The sixth meeting of the Preparatory Committee took place at the Finnish Permanent Representation to the European Union.

The Committee had a wide variety of topics on the agenda and took what could be considered a milestone decision in which it approved a list of suitable candidate judges which has been prepared by the Committee's Advisory Panel. The Committee also adopted the Financial Regulation and had first discussions on the rules on legal aid, the rules of the Administrative Committee, the rules of the Budget Committee as well as on how to carry through the transition from the preparatory phase into the operational phase.

It is encouraging to note that there are a substantial number of candidates that have been deemed eligible to become a judge in the Unified Patent Court. Those having expressed interest will in the course of the coming weeks receive a letter from the chair of the Committee informing them of the outcome in their individual case. We ask for understanding that due to the huge amount of submissions of expression of interest, some time is needed to prepare the Committee's  responses. The Committee's approving of the list will also enable the training of some of the candidates to commence in the fall.