UPC Budget Committee holds inaugural meeting

Last week, following the UPC Administrative Committee, the UPC Budget Committee was also convened in Luxembourg, in the form of a hybrid meeting.

During this inaugural meeting, the Budget Committee adopted its Rules of Procedure, hence setting its legal framework. Most importantly, the Committee adopted the Court’s budget for the period of provisional application of the UPC Agreement and its workplan for the next months. 

The Committee also appointed its Chairman- Mr Bruno Leboullenger (FR) and its Deputy-Chairman, Mr Theis Bødker Jensen (DK).

As a next step, following the adoption of this budget, Contracting Member States taking part in the period of provisional application will be called to make their first contribution for the Court’s budget, under the provisions of the Financial Regulations of the Court. These first contributions will be important for the finalization of the setting up of the Court and are scheduled to be due within 6 weeks after the call, pursuant to the PAP Financial Rules.