About the Unified Patent Court

The 24 Member States who signed the Agreement on 19 February 2013 and who make up the membership of the Preparatory Committee are:

Austria Austria

Belgium Belgium

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Cyprus Cyprus

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Denmark Denmark

Estonia Estonia

Finland Finland

France France

Germany Germany

Greece Greece

Hungary Hungary

Ireland Ireland

Italy Italy

Latvia Latvia

Lithuania Lithuania

Luxembourg Luxembourg

Malta Malta

Netherlands Netherlands

Portugal Portugal

Romania Romania

Slovakia Slovakia

Slovenia Slovenia

Sweden Sweden

United Kingdom The United Kingdom was one of the signatories in 2013 but since 2020 is no longer a member of the Preparatory Committee.

UPC Agreement Translations

For those wishing to gain access to the UPC Agreement now translated please follow this link.


Up-to-date information on ratification by Signatory States is available.


UPC divisions which have confirmed locations are listed here.


All business enquiries should be sent via the Secretariat.